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Cycling, Group Fitness Coach, TRX
A typical story brought me to Jackson – I arrived after college to work for a summer and found that this is home. I have always been very athletic and drawn to all types of exercise. I began teaching group exercise in 1994, which led me to one on one personal training two years later. I love teaching classes and designing programs to help my clients achieve their goals. As a mother of one, and step-mother to four, I truly understand how hectic life can be, and how fitness and being fit is the key to reducing the stress life can throw at you. I believe that fitness should be enjoyable, yet productive through a variety of exercises, and cross training. It’s important to believe in yourself- if you don’t, you won’t get the results you desire. We all slide back sometimes, just pick yourself up and get back at it. Remember how good it feels after you have done it! ESA, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer / Group Fitness YOGA FIT Levels 1,2, &3 KEISER CYCLING TRX Suspension Training IDEA Member