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Yoga Teacher
Natasha found yoga 14 years ago. She has studied various different styles, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Prana Flow. After three car accidents in 2008 left her with whiplash and pain in her neck and shoulders, Natasha focused on alignment based therapeutic yoga to heal her own body. She is passionate about helping others feel comfortable in their own body. When in pain or discomfort it is difficult to show up and be truly present. In class you will focus on breath work and movement in relationship with alignment. You will work to increase healthy flexibility in both body and mind. You will strive to find both strength and relaxation throughout the class. She offers privates and semi-privates with the chance to work on the basics, focus on more challenging poses or have a class tailored specifically to your needs. Natasha also offers a 10-week health coaching program focused on living pain free. www.breathedailybliss.com