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12 Dec

Teton Sports Club now has New Hammer Strength machines with the capability to scan with your mobile device. Quickly scanning the bar code on the machines will bring up a link to the a tutorial on how to use the specific equipment.



Click the link above to watch to watch the video!

27 Jun

Are you looking for a quick workout on your vacation in Jackson Hole? Maybe you’re looking to train for Hiking or Skiing Mt. Glory at Teton Pass this winter.. or a fast lunch-break workout on a busy day when you don’t have time to hike up Snow King or do a Tram Jam…? Climbing the Jacobs Ladder is one of the easiest ways at Teton Sports Club to get a full-body burn in a relatively short time span. Just a couple of minutes on the ladder will get your heart rate up and make the sweat flow!  Check out a couple examples of workouts that you can do on the Jacobs ladder to get that coveted legs and lungs burn!

The 5 Minute Cardio Challenge!




23 Mar

Looking for a quick upper body or core burn? Tired of boring old sit-ups or curls? The Endless Rope is a new and innovative upper body treadmill that does an excellent job of combing cardio with upper body strength and conditioning.  The Endless Rope can be used to target your entire upper body to help prepare for that long alpine climb in the #Tetons or gripping your handle bars as you rip down Lithium or just cruise around at the Jackson Hole bike park in Teton Village. Come try out the Endless Rope at Teton Sports Club!


11 Nov

The Skill Mill will help you prep for just about any active outdoor activity in Jackson Hole, whether you’re a crusty local or just here on your dream vacation. Cardio High Intensity Interval Training, a long slow walk up hill, a quick leg burn up Snow King or a winter pre-work ski down Mount Glory? No problem! No need to push a sled around the back yard or parking lot, you can simulate that movement easily with this piece of equipment. Check out this video for a great overview of how to train your whole body using the Skill Mill or just integrate in into your cardio or weightlifting circuit.


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