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27 Jun

Are you looking for a quick workout on your vacation in Jackson Hole? Maybe you’re looking to train for Hiking or Skiing Mt. Glory at Teton Pass this winter.. or a fast lunch-break workout on a busy day when you don’t have time to hike up Snow King or do a Tram Jam…? Climbing the Jacobs Ladder is one of the easiest ways at Teton Sports Club to get a full-body burn in a relatively short time span. Just a couple of minutes on the ladder will get your heart rate up and make the sweat flow!  Check out a couple examples of workouts that you can do on the Jacobs ladder to get that coveted legs and lungs burn!

The 5 Minute Cardio Challenge!




11 Nov

The Skill Mill will help you prep for just about any active outdoor activity in Jackson Hole, whether you’re a crusty local or just here on your dream vacation. Cardio High Intensity Interval Training, a long slow walk up hill, a quick leg burn up Snow King or a winter pre-work ski down Mount Glory? No problem! No need to push a sled around the back yard or parking lot, you can simulate that movement easily with this piece of equipment. Check out this video for a great overview of how to train your whole body using the Skill Mill or just integrate in into your cardio or weightlifting circuit.


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